FAQs and Common Questions

Can I download all of the data?

Yes, simply copy all of the species binomials and paste them into the search box and select all of the bones of-interest. Please note that if you would like to use the full dataset, we ask that you please reach out to us about your project prior to publishing your research.

What is the taxonomy?

The taxonomy has been standardized to the Jetz. et al. (2011) birdtree.org taxonomy. Crosswalks for this taxonomy are available as a part of the recent Tobias et al. (2021) AVONET paper in Ecology Letters.

How accurate are the data?

We found that the differences between the neural network-generated data are lower than differences in trait measurements of museum study skins among different measurers. For more detail, see Weeks et al.

What if my species of interest is missing?

Feel free to reach out! We are always looking to expand our sampling, and would be keen to collaborate to grow the dataset.